This review may contain some spoilers though I do my best not to include any, if you haven’t seen this movie yet please be aware.

Summary: When Sunset Shimmer finds out that her friends have no memory of her, Sunset is determined to recoup her friends’ memories of her and find the perpetrator responsible.

Title: My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Forgotten Friendship

Rating: U

Runtime: 44 Minutes

Cast: Tara Strong, Rebecca Shoichet, Ashleigh Ball, Andrea Libman, Tabitha St Germain, Nicole Oliver, Cathy Weseluck, Kathleen Barr, Shannon Chan-Kent, Ingrid Nilson, James Kirk and Kazumi Evans(Singing).

Directors: Ishi Rudell and Katrina Hadley

Writer: Nick Confalone


Sunset and the girls are doing year book committee but one girl that also works on the year book is being ignored and not heard. Then Sunset has been erased from memory and seen as a villain again. With help from pony verse Celestia and Twilight they find the answers to why is because of a stone. Then back in girl world Trixie is at Sunsets side to help her figure out what is happening and get her friends back.

This was really good and really clever, and we got lots of Trixie so yeay that made me happy. Sunset had worked really hard to make her school and friends like her but forgot to make sure everyone at school knew she was kind and one girl had been forgotten. Wallflower was a really interesting character having been ignored and sad, just wanting to have friends and be included she tried to be kind but it got her nowhere and Sunset just made it all worse. I loved the story that lead her to how she did what she had to do.

I liked that we got both realms helping each other it was so cool seeing a bit of both throughout the movie. I also really loved that Trixie was a huge part of the story in a positive way, she got to show her good side and got her trick to work. Though she was begging to be in the year book, she still helped even when Sunset said no repeatedly. I loved the friendship that was created between Sunset and Trixie.


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