Synopsis: A realistic story of a child’s curiosity about death and lost loved ones.

This sweet and poignant story paints a picture of a little girl’s curiosity to know her grandfather, who died before she was born. What was he like? Will she ever be able to meet him? She starts off on her own discovery journey, gathering stories and memories, finding Grandpa’s old things and trying out some of his favorites. As she pieces it all together, she realizes that maybe she doesn’t have to meet her grandpa to really know him after all.

Based on her own loss and parenting experience, debut author Shannon Zigmund has crafted a touching, timeless, and accessible tale of how a young child can come to know a loved one they’ve never met. Shared stories, memorabilia, traditions, and daydreaming weave together to create the fabric of a family member who is gone but certainly not forgotten. Readers everywhere can relate to the experience of both grief and love, and of realizing that we each hold pieces of one another in our hearts and lived lives.

Release Date: 1st December 2022

Genres: Picture Book, Family, Loss, Memory, Grief, Family Loss

Pages: 32

Thank you so much to Kind World Publishing and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review.

Review: This was such a delicate and lovely story about loss, family and how people that aren’t here any more are always still here. Our protagonist little girl had never met her grandpa but her parents teach her all about everything he loved to do, making her feel connected to him.

So many children have situations like this where a family member is gone before they have met them, this story helps them to understand that they may be gone but they are still right there every step of the way. It had really beautiful illustrations and was written in a really beautiful easy way, that young children would understand.

It shows memory lives on forever, how grief and loss carries on even after someone has passed. It shares that you can learn all about someone that is loved deeply and not have met them yourselves, long after they’ve gone. I loved that she was doing everything he would have done with her if her grandpa was there. She never met him, but he wasn’t far away.

Really sweet story that can help a young child in grief, in loss, in the not knowing of someone that has gone before they met. It’s done in an easy, delicate way with really cute illustrations to guide through the story.


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