Synopsis: My Girly Unicorn is an adventure in the colorful sky on rainbows, under rain clouds, and running along with rowdy young unicorns. This story takes readers through the world of young unicorns and their exciting games and antics. However, some unicorns do not treat a certain unicorn with kindness. When something dark interrupts their light-filled skies, a surprising character emerges as a resilient guide for hope and joy for the other unicorns. Readers will ride along on a vibrant coaster of joy, determination, and confidence in My Girly Unicorn.

It is is a perfect book for all young readers because it incorporates powerful lessons of confidence, kindness, and resilience in the characters and throughout the plot. The girl unicorn resembles a strong character, who despite being left out of most of the other youthful games and activities, is proud of who she is regardless how she looks to the other unicorns. This character even faces and surpasses a challenge that stumps the other unicorns, and this shows readers that resilience and confidence can be found in any creature no matter their looks or size. Additionally, the book is doused in cotton-candy-colored clouds, vibrantly colored rainbows, and inviting terrain obstacles. The illustrations pair wonderfully with the story devoted to a certain unicorn’s appearance and the fun and exciting nature of being a young unicorn. Finally, the themes present in the book are prime lessons for young readers to recognize in literature that they can apply to their lives and their friends. Overall, My Girly Unicorn is a stellar and vibrant book just waiting at the edge of the rainbow for any young unicorn reader to experience!

Release Date: 20th June 2022

Genres: Picture Book, Children’s Books, Fantasy, Weather, Friendship, Adventure

Pages: 32

Thank you so much to a Newhall publishing and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review.

Review: A girly unicorn stands out to the other unicorns, she is rainbow maned and she is always dancing. The other unicorns don’t like her, but when a storm hits quickly she continues to dance and be happy no matter what.

I loved the illustrations, that is what drew me in straight the way to wanting to read this, they ware so vibrant and so beautifully stunning. Each picture was just beautiful and that really is what made the book for me, they were just done so well.

The story was pretty sad though as one unicorn was left out, was bullied and ignored and she just wanted to have friends to help her dance and have fun. It was so horrible how mean they were to her, but she didn’t let them get to her.

I liked that she continued to be herself no matter what they others said or judged her for, she was herself and because of that she helped all the others without even really knowing she was doing it.

This is a really simple but cute story and worth looking at and reading for the illustrations alone. Though the story itself is still really sweet and a good message for being yourself no matter what anyone else thinks.


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