Summary: A young woman returns to her hometown to help save her sister’s failing inn, where she contends with memories and faces from her past.

Title: Chesapeake Shores (Season 6)

Rating: PG

Runtime: 42 Minutes each Episode

Cast: Meghan Ory, Emilie Ullerup, Laci J. Mailey, Andrew Francis, Brendan Penny, Barbara Niven, Treat Williams, Robert Buckley, Jessica Sipos, Kayden Magnuson, Abbie Magnuson, Steven Huszar, Wesley Salter, Carlo Marks and Mariesa Crouse.


The last and final season of this beautiful show, the last time we will see this dysfunctional family and their dramas. This season starts where we left off, Abbie had called which man? Connor was having a heart attack and Jess’s husband’s dad has run off after ripping everyone off for their money.

I really loved this season it was done so well and we had so many great storylines, seeing the coupes develop and everyone having something they struggled with. Was such a perfect season. I am honestly heartbroken that this show is going to be over for good, I’ve watched it from the start and my heart cannot take never getting to see Chesapeake again after this season. I literally cried my eyes out at the end of the last episode, this show has been my go too to relax, feel safer and happier when my mind gets too much, I’m heartbroken it’s not getting any more season. Though I can easily rewatch it as much as I want, but I just want to see more, I want to see their families growing and we won’t get to see that.

This season has been filled with so much romance and it’s adorable I’m loving all the couples this season. Abby and Evan oh my goodness how adorable are they and their slow but perfect falling in love. Bree and Luke the two that don’t trust easily but with struggles and insecurities make it work. Connor and Margaret (we finally some diversity in casting yes), they are such a perfect power couple and I loved their dynamic together. Megan and Mick getting back together was a precious little treat, finally getting things right this time. Jess and David who are always so adorable together both having their struggles this season though. Lastly Kevin and Sarah who finally get their bundle of joy and it was such a perfect storyline for them. I just love every single one of these couples so much.

We have had so much drama with Connor’s heart attack what a scary way to start the season, followed by the aftermath of his recovery, then getting his firm back up and running again and with Margaret’s help. Mick’s painkiller addiction that could have destroyed everything including himself, all his hard struggles to fight against it all, and everything he could have lost. David’s dad and the money fiasco, is he innocent is he not, the FBI everywhere, the Press hounding them was so cruel and ridiculous. And honestly so much more than that happened throughout the season, these were just the Hugh storylines this season, so much drama.

This show is always so beautiful, so fun and actually filled with a ton of drama. I loved that we ended pretty much how we began around the campfire, only now things are better, more perfect than before. Everyone is happy, everyone is in love, the families are growing things are getting better, slowly. It was the most beautiful send off and I was a crying mess.

I really thought at one point we were going to get a big storyline with Caitlyn as they kept focusing on her and I had my suspicions what that would be, but they shot it down and made it just a bullying storyline. Typical of hallmark honestly, but I really thought we were going down the relationship route with her. Sad we didn’t as her attachment to Sloane certainly seemed like a lot more than friendship to me. Oh well.

I love escaping to Chesapeake Shores and being with the O’Brien family. This season was particularly beautiful, seeing the deep family connection and overcoming all their issues, finally reaching out and finding love. It was done so beautifully and the growth of everyone was crazy. Nell was very missed though, so sad she was unable to come back to the show. I’m so sad this show is over and I will miss it so very much. Now cue the title sequence and start it over again I suppose.


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