Synopsis: Joy loves her big brother, Noah. He’s the best brother, skateboarder and cookie baker there is! So, when Noah is teased for being gay, Joy wants to help. But how?

Joy decides to become an ally – someone who supports others through their words and actions. With her best friend, Elliott, Joy takes action, baking ‘Pride and Joy’ cookies to raise money for the local LGBTQIA+ center. But when the bully tries to put an end to the bake sale, Joy learns that being an ally means using your words, too.

Release Date: 18th May 2023

Genres: LGBTQIA+, Ally, Family, Baking, Pride, Picture Book, Middle Grade, Teen, Bigots

Pages: 48

Thank you so much to Jessica Kingsley Publishers and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review.

Review: Joy and her brother Miguel usually bake cookies together but when a bully outside shouts at him for being gay she doesn’t know what to do to help. Her mom teachers her about being an ally, so she makes a bake sale to celebrate and share her allyship and soon finds more people who support them.

This was so beautiful seeing the story progress through a child’s eye, a child who loves her brother and wants him to be happy. It was so sweet and she cared so much. I really loved that she did this big bake sale with all the pride colours and found so many people supportive and wanting to buy cookies and helping.

It shared that there will be mean people everywhere but when you group together you are stronger as a united team. I love that this will teach children all about how to be an ally, how to have compassion, love, acceptance and kindness for anyone. Such a beautiful and important read.

I also liked that the back of this book was filled with information on how to be an ally, information fir adults too. It’s great when a book can add extra information that could help.


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