Title: Dark Room

Series: Red Eye

Author: Tom Becker

Publishers: Stripes Publishing

Genres: Young Adult, Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Pages: 352

Format: Paperback

Release Date: September 10th 2015

Rating: 4/5


Summery: The camera never lies… 

Darla and her dad are looking for a fresh start. But when they wind up in affluent Saffron Hills, Darla stands no chance of fitting in with the beautiful, selfie-obsessed teens at her new school. 

Just when she thinks things can’t get any worse, she starts having visions. The gruesome snapshots flashing into Darla’s mind seem to suggest she’s going crazy… until she realizes they’re actually a horrifying glimpse into the future. 

With a killer on the loose, can she make sense of what she’s seeing before it’s too late?

Review: Lots of creep but not enough horror.

The first chapter started off incredibly with a twist I hadn’t predicted to be coming, it was a great and luring first chapter, enough to let you know it will be a fun story to unfold.

The whole of this book was creepy, from the visions Darla kept getting of the killings, to the killings themselves, to trying to imagine as you’re reading of the creep murderer in the town they live in. It’s certainly made it fun solving everything that was happening and who was doing it.

I was really expecting more horror and gore within this story, that’s one area that lacked and would certainly have improved the story so much as it would have added an element to it that you’re expecting when you read it.

It was written in a fun mystery type way, you followed Darla along on her journey to finding who the killer was and why she was getting visions constantly. You knew of the origin story of the original killer and then had to figure out who the new killer was, with a kinda plot twist on who it actually was near the end.

One thing that I found predictable was who was going to be killed from the first introduction to the characters in the book you kinda get the idea who will be gone by the end, though there are some surprises I will say that, not all are as you’d expect.

If you’ve ever watched the Scream tv series I totally got that kinda vibe whilst reading this book and even found some of the characters felt the same or similar to those in the show. I kept constantly thinking of the show while reading every chapter of this book.

I really enjoyed reading this book and have been enjoying this series so much, each book offers a new type of horror and creep factor. I thoroughly enjoy them. None of them are too scary or disturbing but have enough to creep you out.

About the Author: Tom Becker grew up in a market town in the northwest of England, dreaming of becoming a writer. He won the 2007 Waterstones’ Children’s Book Prize with his first novel, Darkside, and has continued to blur the lines between history and fantasy in brooding adventure and horror stories such as The Traitors and While The Others Sleep. He has also published an adult novel, The Cold Tap, on Kindle under his real name, Tom Beckerlegge. Tom lives in London with his wife, baby son, and a horde of shadowy creatures that he keeps confined within the pages of his notebook. He can be found on Twitter at @Tbeckerlegge.


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