Synopsis: Fresh from their brief adventure to colonial times, Gabe, Elizabeth, and Marty receive their next summons from Thrylos, warning them that this will be a longer adventure, and to pack appropriately. Not knowing what ‘longer’ means, the kids do as they’re told, and arrive on a deserted island in 1609, just in time to see a shipwreck on the reefs!

It turns out that the ship is called the Sea Venture, and it was originally bound for the colony of Jamestown, Virginia. The deserted island is called Bermuda, reputed at the time to be surrounded by monsters. All the passengers of the Sea Venture survived the wreck, including one dog whom Elizabeth happily adopts, but the ship itself did not. Gabe, Elizabeth, and Marty find themselves stranded with the would-be settlers as they build two new ships and learn to survive off the land.

Nine months later, when the kids are really starting to wonder what they’re doing there, they finally set sail in the new vessels for Jamestown—only to find that the remaining settlers there are at death’s door! The kids learn from a mysterious prophetess that a resupply ship from England is on the way. But the crew of the original Sea Venture doesn’t know this; they consider the colony a lost cause, and they are on the verge of returning to England and letting it fail. Can Gabe, Elizabeth, and Marty convince them to just hang on in Jamestown for a few more days, even when it looks like all is lost? 

Release Date: 30th June 2020

Format Read: Ebook

Genres: Middle Grade, Historical, Adventure

Pages: 60

Thank you so much to BookSirens and C.A. Gray for the e-arc to read and review

Review: I loved the first book in this series and was so excited when I saw the second one had been uploaded.

I knew nothing of the history that the story was about, which is shocking to me as I love history. I think though that’s what made this one even more fascinating to me, I had something new to be able to learn from this.

I really love how this story unlike the first book was a long haul stay in the past to ensure all the events took place as they should have done. The children had to become family to those that arrived in Bermuda, they had to keep them alive and build ships with them which is so interesting really. Everything that comes depended on them, ensuring that it did happen.

It was so interesting and I really liked getting to learn a part of history I hadn’t been aware of before and seeing it all unfold.

I cannot wait for more of this series C.A. Gray has created such a wonderful, fun and educational world linking time travel with history.


Where to buy: Amazon UK, Amazon USA

About the Author: C.A. Gray is the author of three YA bestselling trilogies: PIERCING THE VEIL (magic and quantum physics meet Arthurian legends), THE LIBERTY BOX (dystopian metaphysics and mind control technology), and UNCANNY VALLEY (dystopian coming-of-age with neuroscience and super intelligent A.I), as well as two standalone YA novels, DREAMSCAPE ADVENTURES, INC and THE ATLANTIS BLOODLINE. By day, she practices naturopathic medicine, podcasts, and writes medical non-fiction under her maiden name (Lauren Deville). She lives in Tucson, AZ with her husband Frank, and together they maintain an occasionally contentious film review blog (under her real name: Lauren Baden. Three names. Yes.) In her spare time, she creates whatever meals or crafts she found most recently on Pinterest, drinks lots of coffee and occasional wine, works out (while listening to audiobooks), and studies the Bible (about half of the podcasts on Christian Natural Health are scripture meditations).


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