Synopsis: This inspiring collection of myths, legends and stories from around the world showcases narratives that celebrate strong, independent women. These heroines aren’t reduced to being wives or witches! They run free and possess the qualities we would hope for in our daughters and friends: self-confidence, strength, wits, courage, fearlessness, and independence. They live freely, happily ever after, without restraint or narrowly defined roles.

Stories include: Atalanta the Huntress (Greece), Nana Miriam (Niger), Fitcher’s Bird (Germany), The Girl and the Puma (Argentina), Li Chi Slays the Serpent (China), Brave Woman Counts Coup (US/White River Sioux), Pretty Penny (US/Ozark Mountains), Mizilca (Romania), The Pirate Princess (Poland/Jewish), The Samurai Maiden (Japan), Bradamante (France), Molly Whuppie (England)

Release Date: July 2019

Genres: Mythology, Middle Grade, Short Stories, Fairy Tales, Adventure, Magic, Fantasy

Format Read: Ebook

Pages: 128

Thank you so much to Arcturus Publishing/Arcturus Digital and NetGalley for the earc to read and review.

Review: This was a really fun read, this whole book is female empowerment and I loved every single story in this. 

Each character was unique and told a totally different tale, some were the girls being hero’s, some were warriors, some were proving to the men around them that they can do what they can do, others were cunning, smart and independent. 

These fairy tales take you all over the world to Russia, India, China, Japan, South & West Africa, Natives in Canada and many more giving you tales of brave girls in cultures you don’t always get to read stories about. This made these stories even more enjoyable to read as the character and cultures made the fairy tales different to any others out there. 

I highly recommend this book it sends out a great message to young girls that nothing and no one can stop them, that they can do what they put their minds too and they are smart, brave and talented. Reading this book gives them not only a thoroughly entertaining read but can also inspire them and give them great female hero’s to read about. 

I also must point out the beautiful art work throughout this book for each story illustrated by Khoa Le, they really added to the story as you could see the characters and the events that were happening.


Where to Buy: Amazon, Book Depository

About Author: Anita Ganeri is a highly experienced author of children’s information books, specialising in religion, India/Asia, multiculturalism, geography, biography and natural history. She became a freelance writer after working at Walker Books (as foreign rights manager) and Usborne Publishing (as an editor). Since then, she has written over 300 titles, including the best-selling Horrible Geography series for Scholastic. The series won the Geographical Association Silver Award in 1999 and was cited as being ‘an innovation that all geographers will applaud’. She is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society where she conducts most of her research for the books.


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