Synopsis: Nessie the Loch Ness monster needs a holiday!
She takes a secret tunnel to the ocean, where everything is very different from Loch Ness.
The water is salty, the waves are big and the fish are strange.
But the biggest surprise is yet to come… there are rumours that a unicorn has been spotted. Can Nessie find the mysterious visitor?

An illustrated picture book about friendship and tolerance.

Release Date: 25th November 2019

Format Read: Ebook

Genres: Picture Books, Fantasy, Magic, Mythological, Children’s, Adventure

Pages: 33

Review: This was so darned cute, Nessie wanted to get away and go on a holiday and then met a lost Narwhal then the two became best friends. 

This book obviously has great illustrations showing Nessie in all her glory living in the loch. It’s such acute concept thinking of Nessie going to the seaside for a holiday seriously so cute. The book does teach in a very simple way of climate change and also teaches of friendship. 

This is a great book to read with your young children, it’s fun, funny in places, great art work to look at at, is interactive in pages plus it will teach them things whilst reading. 

I really enjoyed this it’s such a cute book.


Where to buy: Amazon

About Author: Isla Wynter lives in Scotland with a tiny cat, a lonely pot plant and a horde of imaginary friends. She believes in unicorns and plans to one day convince the world of that fact. Even if she has to catch a unicorn herself. Until then, she continues to write magical stories for children and young adults.


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