Synopsis: An orphaned snowflake. Stormy skies. Mighty elements. Will she find the trust to navigate true and clear?

A newborn snowflake is whisked by the wind away from her mother cloud and sister snowflakes. Will she fear the great unknown, or trust in love?

The Snowflake is a children’s book dipped in the frost magic and snowy enchantment of the winter landscape. As she falls from the sky, the Snowflake becomes separated from her sisters and is blown into an adventure that challenges her to face the world with trust, grace, and heart. This warming tale is a nature elixir for any kid-at-heart and rekindles living sparks of truth, transience, and wonder.

Mother Earth is a series of seven intertwined wonder tales that dance around the central story of The Snowflake. Each offers a piece of the whole story, as the natural elements of snowflake, cloud, wind, sun, tree, river, and snowman all contribute to the healing of Mother Earth.

If you love The Little Prince and look for children’s books that speak of life and death in honest yet loving words, you’ll find a unique blend of natural elements and human emotions in Borut Lesjak’s picture book.

Release Date: 12th December 2019

Format Read: Ebook

Genres: Picture Book, Children’s, Environmental, Nature, Science

Pages: 47

Review: What a unique story and style this was written in. A snowflake is made and as it travels around meeting all the different elements of the world and learning as it goes, having an end goal of being with her sisters. 

I don’t think I’ve ever read a book like this at all. It was very interesting had very sweet. The story had a very big purpose and message about the cycle of nature and how the natural cycle of nature is. From the start of its life cycle until the very last. 

It’s a very deep book, it’s a great way of helping a child learn how things are and what things do and how the elements all interconnect together. It’s a very fascinating read. 

It also had some very beautiful illustrations with it that show you the story in perfect detail.


Where to buy: Amazon

About Author: Borut Lesjak is an intuitive healer and author from Slovenia. Since childhood, he has been drawn to grok the mystery of existence. During the vulnerable years of his carefree youth, he awakened to the awareness of death and life, discovering a gift of claircognizance. Life hard-rocked the sensitive adult Lesjak to a state of hopeless haze until he ignited an inner choice to heal himself. Breathwork meditation coupled with creative expression opened his heart and mind to restore his innocence. Grounded by realness larger than life, he found his calling by bringing clarity, compassion, integration, and joy to this beloved planet for all to experience.

After residing and working in Australia, USA, Mexico, and Paris, France, he is now back in Slovenia growing roots with his wife and three children, offering healing work and writing books. He loves to dream, drive, travel, and hike. He is having fun.


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