I have been on a pause on this blog for a few weeks and I have now officially decided that for now at least this blog Is on a full hiatus, so I will not be posting for a while. I am not reading much lately and am only reading what I really want to read. I am also struggling an awful lot mentally and so blogging is something that wasn’t helping me as it was adding too much stress to me mentally.

I also am no longer taking any review requests which I seem to keep getting daily at the moment, so please DO NOT send me any more requests. I am not reading much lately and I don’t have the time to read your books, I appreciate the thought and consideration and will reply soon to your emails but please no more as I am NOT taking any right now.

Thank you for viewing my blog, for being there for me and my reviews and also thank you to those that have thought about me for reviewing their books. I’m not sure when I will come back to this blog but I just wanted to share why it hasn’t and isn’t being updated.

⁃ Joey (apapergirlapapertown)


2 thoughts on “BLOG ON HIATUS

    1. Maybe you need a hiatus too if it’s getting overwhelming for you. And thanks lovely. 💕💕💕


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