Synopsis: For foul-mouthed groundskeeper Burke Sawyer, discovering a body zip-tied to the south gate of Juniper Falls Cemetery becomes more than an inconvenience. The crumbling graveyard is under investigation due to multiple complaints and dreads a surprise visit from a state official with the intent of shutting it down. When the incinerator won’t light, Burke is forced to bury the mysterious body into a previously occupied plot.

Later that night, the caretaker is haunted by his father’s ghost, who warns him the newly buried is a local witch feeding on the remains of the town’s dearly departed. He demands his son right his wrong to avoid the boneyard turning into the witch’s personal buffet.

With his trusty shovel along with his father’s corpse, Burke Sawyer embarks on an outrageously gory adventure that’s sure to amuse and entertain. With no moral compass in sight, Burke must rise up and become the anti-hero the graveyard desperately needs.

Release Date: 21st September 2021

Genres: Horror, Thriller, Witchcraft, Paranormal

Pages: 128

Thank you so much to Author Jack Keaton for sending me an earc to read and review.

Review: Wow this was filled with everything, it was such a interesting horror, it gripped me from the first line in prologue and was loving the whole ride getting to the end. With necromancers, hag witches and ghosts galore. Flawed characters that made for entertaining read a grouchy potty mouthed grave digger, the dodgy con-man funeral home runner, asshole cops, an independent assertive woman and more.

The way this story was threaded was amazing, perspectives changed every so often which makes it work, seeing parts of what is happening in the story by them. The complete not knowing what was going to happen next, the mess that was being made within the graveyard and how and who was gonna fix it, then add in more twist and this book makes such an entertaining and unique read.

If you love horror, stories with the dead walking, necromancy, witchy hags then you’ll love this book. It’s craftily created, the story being set in a small town adds to the effect and it is incredibly thrilling not knowing exactly what’s going on and it’s a great slightly gory horror. (Though it’s not a scary horror in anyway but it’s such a great read). I really did enjoy reading this book.


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