Synopsis: Plain and poor, Jane Eyre has always been treated unkindly. Her aunt and cousins despise her, and her school is cruel. One day, Jane sets out on her own to be a governess at Thornfield. Here Jane meets Mr Rochester, the serious master of the house.

And there is a strange, eerie laughter coming from the attic …

Release Date: 8th July 2021

Genres: Classics, Middle Grade, Classic Literature, Easy Classics, Romance

Pages: 96

Thank you so much to Sweet Cherry Publishing and Netgalley for having this ebook available to read and review.

Review: I don’t think I could ever not love this story, it’s so beautiful, sad, interesting and it always grips me in instantly.

Though I love that it was condensed down for the younger readers, giving them a wonderful opportunity to read this wonderful story and to have it in an easier way, I felt that some of the important aspects of the story were missing, it’s a shame they were missing but that’s okay as it happens in shorter condensed books like this.

I have always and will always love this story of Jane Eyre. It’s great that a true classic like Jane Eyre here can now be read and enjoyed by a younger audience, told in a much simpler way.

About Transcriber: Stephanie was born in England before emigrating to Australia – and later New Zealand – with her family, where she trained as a nurse. Whilst back in England on holiday, she met and married her husband, had a daughter and settled down.

Stephanie’s lifelong interest in writing became more serious when her first children’s book, Avalanche, was published in the 1980s. Since then, she has had around forty children’s books published, and has also published an historical novella for adults. Stephanie works closely with schools, she tutors for two writing schools and occasionally runs writing workshops for adults.

Stephanie joined Sweet Cherry Publishing in 2013 with her Mr Pattacake series, and she has since written The Dinosaur Detectives. Stephanie currently lives in the Chiltern Hills in Buckinghamshire.

About Illustrator: Arianna is a freelance illustrator based in Florence, Italy, where she majored in Entertainment Design at Nemo Academy. Since then she has worked as 2D artist with Italian independent video game studios. The Sherlock Holmes series is her debut novel as an illustrator for Children’s books.


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