Synopsis: She yearned for the mother she never knew, wishing for a whole family. Something heard and replied…

Evie Bonaventura is terrified when a strange girl breaks into her room, a creature with her dead mother’s eyes. Dad confesses Evie had a twin, but she died along with their mother who was unable to survive the devastating childbirth. Mom swore on her deathbed that her baby was kidnapped by fairies—a changeling, but that was impossible. Myths aren’t real.

Yet the otherworldly girl continues to stalk Evie before attacking their father and others. Beltane approaches, their 18th birthday and the night when fairy powers peak. Evie’s determined to protect her family, confident because heroes always win—don’t they?

Tragedy strikes, forcing Evie to act. She embarks on an adventurous rescue mission from Boston to Ireland, aided by an unlikely band of brave friends, legendary creatures, and a colorful coven of witches. Evie has a choice: destroy her twin sister or save her, in honor of the mother they once shared.

Release Date: 6th April 2021

Genres: YA, Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Coming of Age, Fantasy, Folktales, Mythology

Pages: 380

Thank you so much to author Jennifer Soucy for the ebook copy to read and review.

Review: What a gripping read, it’s so craftily created and has so many elements to it.

Our protagonist Evie grew up without her mother and at 18 starts seeing a haunting being that looks like her mother, when talking to her rational father about her nightmare dreams he explains her twin died with their mother in child birth.

I honestly don’t want to spoil too much of the story as it had a lot of really interesting twists and turns that if you don’t know about them you’ll be hooked by them. It had really fascinating mythology and Irish folklore with Changelings and Fae.

It’s a YA, horror, fantasy, mystery and coming of age story all rolled into one. It is incredibly well written, incredibly enticing and the story just keeps unrolling and driving deeper into the world with realistically written characters you’ll find so much to enjoy about this story.

About Author: Jennifer Soucy is just a regular girl with an abiding love for the supernatural/paranormal–a proud nerd of anything involving horror & dark fantasy. Born in Connecticut and forever a New Englander at heart, she moved away at 19, unable to resist the call of adventure. She settled again in the Atlanta area with her family and delights in being called a “Damn Yankee.” She also lived nearly two years in Las Vegas, her home away from home. Back in Georgia now, she started writing again to fulfill her childhood dreams. This writer, assistant editor, and 25-year veteran of the service industry hopes to continue publishing books that occasionally make people sleep with the light on.

Check out her website at for updates, blogs, and more!


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