Synopsis: Mrs. Bennet is desperate to find rich husbands for her daughters, so the arrival of a charming new neighbor is welcome indeed. Sadly, the friend he brings with him is not. Mr. Darcy seems to have even more pride than money. Nobody likes him – least of all Elizabeth Bennet. But not everyone is who they seem.

Release Date: 9th June 2020

Genres: Middle Grade, Classics, Classic Literature, Romance, Friendship, Family, Drama,

Pages: 96

Review: I have never really liked or connected to this story at all, still in this easy to read format I wanted to give it yet another chance. I still find myself unable to like the story nor the characters, though it was written well and the important points and storylines were included within this easy classic this classic is still just not one I find myself liking.

The romance is unbelievable the characters don’t connect and there is literally nothing romantic about any of the couples and that’s how it always feels when I give the story a chance. I know this is a beloved classic and I do love that it is included in this collection of classics, it’s not for me.

I do love the accessibility of these easy classics giving anyone a chance to give a classic book a chance to be read in a smaller, easier and more compact way. You get the same great story but much easier to get into and to read.

About Author: Jane Austen was born in Steventon in 1775, She is known for her novels, which comment on the society she lived in and give readers an insight on what it was like to be a woman at the beginning of the 19th Century. She died in Winchester in 1817.

About Transcriber: Gemma Barder lives in Market Harborough, Leicester, with her family and a mischievous cocker spaniel. She started life working in children’s and pre-teen magazines before moving into the world of publishing. She’s now a freelance writer full time and writes activity books, treasuries, novels and storybooks for children, as well as publishing her own magazine. Gemma writes a wide range of children’s books for Sweet Cherry, with more projects in the pipeline.


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