Summery: Filmed version of the West End stage production of ‘Half a Sixpence’, recorded at the Noel Coward Theatre in London on 24 August 2017.

Release Date: 29th December 2021

Runtime: 2 Hours 14 Minutes

Where I watched: Sky Arts


This show is so entertaining, so much going on and is so fun. I wasn’t sure what to expect before I started to watch as I hadn’t heard of this show before, my mama though had and said I’d like it and she was correct I absolutely loved it from start to finish.

Charlie Stemp our lead actor as Arthur Kipps is seriously so outstanding, he enthrals with his exceptional talent, dancing constantly and being a perfect leading man to tell this whole story. I really enjoyed seeing him as the lead he had such a great personality and added so much to his character. Though I did notice bless him he was sweating a lot which honetsiy is understandable after all that he did.

The show itself was just beautiful, so funny. Though I found it predictable it was all still so fun and beautiful and loved going through each scene. My favourite scene was take a picture as it was hilarious and the whole scene was so well put together.

My favourite character was Ann she was so beautiful, so talented her vocals my goodness and she was also so hilarious and you root for her from the first scene knowing and wanting them to be together.

The whole cast were chosen perfectly for each of their roles and all had such incredible talent. I am so in awe of this show as I hadn’t ever seen or heard of it before watching this filmed production. What a wonderful show to stumble into and find just so incredible.

The set was so cleaver and I loved how it moved around in a circle that was so creative. The costumes were stunning and the music was beautiful. This whole show was filled with so much choreography and everyone performed it perfectly.

If you haven’t yet watch this musical I do highly suggest that you do. It’s so fun, has great songs, a beautiful romance, drama, comedy, dancing, music and so much more you will have such a fun time watching it.


Arthur Kipps – Charlie Stemp

Ann Pornick – Devon-Elise Johnson

Chitterlow – Ian Bartholomew

Helen Walsingham – Emma Williams

Mrs. Walsingham – Vivien Parry

Lady Punnet – Jane How

James Walsingham & Photographer – Gerard Carey

Obviously a whole lot more cast went into making the production with a bigger ensemble and swings who are all incredibly talented, but it would take me forever to lost them all.

Creative Team:

Director – Rachel Kavanaugh

Writers – Julian Fellowes & H.G. Wells (Books)

Producer – Cameron Mackintosh

Obviously a huge amount of staff go into creating such a show as this but listing them all would take a long time.


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