Synopsis: Inspired by objects found in her environment, Eva Toorenent creates a fantasy world for young and old.

In the soft glimmer of a stream—or in the rustling foliage of a tree—if you know where to look, you will find them. The creatures. With the right eye, a stone turns into a Diestrog egg, and a broken teapot becomes the work of a Shard Demon. Come visit this magical, wonder filled world . . .

Release Date: 14th June 2022

Genres: Fantasy, Teen, Young Adult, Scrapbook, Mythology, Folklore, Illustrated

Pages: 56

Thank you so much to Clavis Publishing and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review.

Review: This book caught my eye, the description and the cover were so beautiful and unique, so it made me want to give it a read. I didn’t realise what it was when I opened it up and started reading, it was so clever and not like anything I’d seen before.

This book is a whole scrapbook style book all about creatures I’d never heard of. The descriptions are so vivid that you’d think they were real and they are real to the author/illustrator and honestly it’s so cool. These creatures are amazing to learn about and all look so different to any I’d seen before, it really sparks your imagination.

The illustrations are literally breath taking and gorgeous so much went into creating them and making them all so lifelike and real and honestly if you read this book you will be in awe of the art work I certainly am. It was my favourite part of the whole book, seeing all these illustration for the creatures they were utterly gorgeous.

The creatures are such a mixture and each one comes with a personal encounter from the author along with facts about the creature, the beautiful illustrations of the creature and details about it. It’s so so innovative and unique and I’ve never seen a book like this before personally.

If you love fantasy, mythology, unique beings/ creatures then I suggest that you give this one a read it’s so clever really beautiful and such a unique read. I loved learning about all these interesting creatures.

About Author: My name is Eva Toorenent (Evaboneva) and let me start out by telling you a little bit about myself. I was born in Amsterdam and grew up in a village called Heemstede. In 2019 I received my bachelor’s degree in Illustration at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. Since I have acquired my bachelor’s, I have focused on my greatest passion: Creating curious, crazy, wonderful monsters with strange, odd, and sometimes unbelievable tales. With my art and with my stories I want to blur the lines between our world and the other world.


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