Summary: Santa’s daughter must take over the family business when her father retires and her brother, who is supposed to inherit the Santa role, gets cold feet.

Title: Noelle

Rating: PG

Runtime: 1 Hour 40 Minutes

Cast: Anna Kendrick, Shirley MacLaine, Bill Hader, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Julie Hagerty, Billy Eichner, Maceo Smedley, Diana Maria Riva.

Director: Marc Lawrence

Writer: Marc Lawrence


After Santa dies, it’s up to Nick to take over the family business but he struggles to learn the trade. Noelle his Christmas loving sister tells him to go away for a break and then as Christmas comes close he doesn’t come back, she has to go find him and bring him back.

This was adorable and I loved it so much, it was really magical, it had so much heart and such a sweet different Christmas movie.

I loved that from the start we knew she was made for the job but everyone around her was so sexist that she was ignored constantly from the job she was destined for. She has so much love and Christmas spirit and knew everything there was to know and was born for the job. Her brother was not made for Santa’s job and never wanted to be passed to him. He couldn’t figure out anything that she gave done naturally to him, but Noelle knew it all.

I loved that she had to go on a fun adventure in Arizona, she had to figure out a world she’d never been too and adapt to what was around her. Whilst on that trip to find her brother she learns and uses all the skills she tried to teach her brother that were all within her. She makes friends and everyone she meets realises how perfectly matched she is as Santa already.

It was a really precious and sweet movie and I enjoyed it a lot, it had a lot of heart and sweetness. You instantly liked the characters, expect from the council men and the tech cousin obviously. Her little reindeer Snowcone was the most adorable thing in the whole world and such a cute little sidekick friend for Noelle.

I really loved this movie and it’s now a must watch for me it was super adorable, so sweet and I loved the ending so much. Was just a prefect happy Christmas movie. If you’ve not seen it I do recommend it, especially if you love warm Christmas movies.


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