Synopsis: (Book 1) Baby will be turning two very soon but she is not looking forward to it. She understands that once her second birthday passes by, her mom will leave and go back to the herd and Baby will be left all alone to fend for herself.

Synopsis: (Book 2) Grumpy the Iguana, Green Parrot, Mr. Squirrel and Little Mouse are having a picnic in the park. Little Mouse decides to take a walk over to the pier to see the colorful fish, instead he sees a whale, or is it? He quickly runs back to tell his friends. Baby, the manatee just wants to make new friends. She tried to smile and say hello but the little mouse just ran away. Could this be the soul tribe that her mom told her about?

Release Date: 15th September 2022

Genres: Picture Book, Animals, Endangered Animals, Friendship, Factual, Educational, Family

Pages: 48 Pages (Each Book)

Thank you to The Gourmet Dog LLC and Netgalley for the ebooks to read and review.

Book 1 Review: Baby Manatee is almost two years old which means she has to go out to life alone without her mother, she is sad and doesn’t want to leave her mother. Her mom tells her she’s going to make a great group of soul friends and she’ll be fine. After eating she goes to the marina and sees a group of friends together wondering if they could be hers also.

This was really cute I liked that it was a sweet story of a baby manatee growing up, needing to learn to fend for herself and getting some friends. It was also filled with factual information, sharing all about manatees and it was done so cleverly as the mother manatee shares all these facts to the baby. It’s a very clever touch adding in those features and in the way they did it.

It was a very sweet read, I really enjoyed reading it. It was strange that we got the story stop right in the middle of a storyline, may have been better to stop it just a little before and then start the second book. It was still a very sweet read and I liked learning more about the manatee.

Book 2 Review: The sweet story continues exactly where it was left, baby manatee seeing the group of friends an iguana, mouse, parrot and squirrel friends. When they spot her are all so intrigued and want to learn more about this unusual creature.

I really loved how quickly they became friends with no judgement at all, the animal friends simply had never heard of or seen a manatee before. I loved that agin like the first book we are given more factual information this time from baby sharing it’s ugh her new friends.

I loved the adventure that they all went on together it was so adorable and squirrel was scared but went anyway and her friend still cared and supported her. Such a sweet story and a fun read.


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