This review may contain minor spoilers, please keep that in mind when reading my review.

Summary: Love is a gift. But when you find out the man you’ve fallen for still believes in Santa, do you accept it – or send it back?

Title: I Believe in Santa

Rating: PG

Runtime: 1 Hour 29 Minutes

Cast: Christina Moore, John Ducey, Violet McGraw, Sachin Bhatt, Lateefah Holder, Matthew Glave, Paxton Booth, Brooke Dillman, Mark W. Gray, Kim House, Tim Mollen, Matthew Nguyen, Shaun Paul Piccinino, and Mossi Pyle.

Director: Alex Ranarivelo

Writer: John Ducey


Lisa meets Tom on 4th of July her favourite holiday as her daughter Ella gets lost at the fair. Five perfect months go by and suddenly her least favourite holiday Christmas rolls round. Tom on the other hand is all about the magic of Christmas and how special Santa Clause is and it puts a rift in the prefect relationship.

I am so with Tom and everything he believed in, so this was right up my ally completely. His deep belief in Santa and Christmas, in magic and the spirit of the holiday was wondrous, magical, beautiful and perfect. I loved the representation of it and how ultimately it was dealt with too, with thanks to his best friend Assan.

I loved that right from the start they felt like the most perfect family unit, he connected with Ella quickly and took on a fatherly role instantly. He and Lisa fitted together like a glove and were utterly adorable together. I did like that though it was hard for her she gradually adjusted, to understanding his holiday and how he felt and celebrated, and he did the same for how she didn’t like it and struggled with it. They were wonderful together and made it so sweet at the end.

This movie was way more than I imagined and was just incredible to watch, I seriously adored this movie from the start to finish. It’s so magical filled and the acting was amazing from everyone, I loved seeing a perspective of Santa portrayed differently to normal through the eyes of a believing adult. To show what it really means to be a believer, to never lose that spirit and magic and how as people get older they give up on it, but you don’t have too. I adored it so much.

If you want a really great dose of Christmas magic, of love, of spirit and of deep true belief this is a great one to watch. It shows through different perspectives of not believing to heavily believing, to a child figuring out if to believe or not. It shows a wonderful family unit and what Christmas is truly about, each other. It’s created so wonderfully and is so heartwarming. I loved the whole thing from start to finish and will be adding this to my yearly Christmas rewatch rotation now.


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