This review may contain some minor spoilers. Please keep that in mind.

Summary: A mom and dad who usually say no decide to say yes to their kids’ wildest requests with a few ground rules on a whirlwind day of fun and adventure.

Title: Yes Day

Rating: PG

Runtime: 1 hour 26 minutes

Cast: Jennifer Garner, Jenna Ortega, Edgar Ramírez, Julian Lerner, Every Carganilla, Tracie Thoms, Fortune Feimster, Nat Faxon, Arturo Castro, Hayden Szeto, Megan Stott, Alana Baer, Yimmy Yim, Graham Phillips, Wolf Fleetwood-Ross, Adam Faison and James Kyson

Director: Miguel Arteta

Writers: Justin Malen, Amy Krouse Rosenthal & Tom Lichtenheld (Books)


A once free, happy and willing to do anything woman became a mom she changes to protect her kids. Then she’s had enough being the bad guy in her kids eyes and plans a Yes Day, if the kids can earn it. A day where they can be free to do what they want to do without the word No.

What a whirlwind of fun this movie was, seriously so much fun, so whimsy. I loved seeing all the goofy fun things the kids wanted to do and to take them on, the parents went with it no matter what and even made things crazier it was so much fun. It was so much fun and was so funny, the kids ideas were amazing and then the mom added to it in the end and made it even more fun.

I liked the element that though it was sad, the kids actually realised why the parents were the way they were. They learnt that it’s great to be fun and do whatever and goof off but that not everything is a good idea and crazy actions come with serious consequences. It was shown so perfectly though, to share that being fun is great but life doesn’t always allow for fun.

I really liked the casting they all felt like a really fun family and worked well together. You could see the connection and the disconnection with characters, it worked so well. I really enjoyed watching this and seeing everything that they got up too, it was literally so insane.

It’s such a fun family must watch. It’s such a unique concept doing a whole Yes Day, saying you can go crazy do anything you want for 24hours within reason. It’s one of the funniest family movies and was so entertaining the whole time. I absolutely loved it.


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